Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Won't do that again!

So, I should've taken a hint this morning when we woke-up and it was raining. Instead, I listen to begging from a 2 1/2 year old that I told her we would go to the zoo today to see the animals.  Ok, we will pack umbrellas and I will brave the roads for the 1st time more than a couple km's.  Drive there was a breeze! About 20-minutes and the handy dandy GPS walked us right in.

Rain wasn't too bad throughout the few hours we spent at the zoo and we saw some fun animals! Pack up the car, giggling at those waiting in the rain for a cab and find the "HOME" button on the GPS.  Kevin must have programmed it in right? He's been driving the car for about 2 months...brings me to a big, beautiful mansion that obviously I do not live in!  Pull over, enter the address to my residence and begin driving.  Back onto the freeway, well that's wierd we passed the zoo exit again...huh? Well, it got me here, so it must know how to get me home.

Continue following the directions and notice I have not placed the Toll Card into the reader ~ GREAT! I wonder where those fines will be mailed???  Continue listening to GPS and see a big, structure with lots of signs to fillup card, topup gas in car, car must be 3/4 tank full before proceeding or there is a $500 fine, etc. etc. Well, this is one massive, strict toll gate! Good thing I have a full tank of gas!  Continue on...

Notice hundreds of people walking across a bridge going through security, cars are being checked inside and out, and there are several uniformed officers with dogs and weapons.  Hmmmm...this doesn't look right...take my place in line to go through a "toll gate" because I have no other option to turn around.

Begin noticing document checkpoints, what is going on???  Pull up to the man in the box and he says this is a "Checkpoint".  Me, "A checkpoint for what?"  Uniformed man glares at me and says, "Customs checkpoint to cross the bridge to Malaysia."

YIKES!!! Not where I want to be, and this certainly is not the way home!!!  He looks at the kids sleeping in the back, asks for my passports and passes to be in Singapore (THANK GOD I had it all with me!!) calls, several "escorts" who show me to my parking space and wait.....wait.....still waiting....Finally, another man comes out and tells me, "its ok. these men will show you how to turn around and go through 5 security gates to get out."  Good luck getting home.

Ummmmm....what just happened and I STILL DO NOT know where I am or where to go!  Start driving, pass the zoo, again, and finally after over 2 hours somehow managed to find our parking lot. 

Let me just say that if I could've found a safe place to stop the car and remove the children from it, I would have left the stupid thing, along with it's so called GPS Navigation in the middle of the road! 

Never trust the voice telling you where to turn!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday Night along Robertson Walk and Clark Quay (Key)

We heard some wonderful news Saturday evening and decided to go out and celebrate our new NIECE! Colin and Carrie had their little girl Ella and Makayla is so excited to have a new little cousin!  Our new home is located in an area called Robertson Walk and has a nice Courtyard with live music on the weekends.  First, we strolled down the river walk past Clark Quay and some other areas, before coming back and dancing to the music!

Dancing with Ila

Super friendly family staying at our place until the end of month.  She absolutely adores the kids and they love her!

Riley partied a bit too hard and came home with a battle wound...poor thing :-(  Tripped on the balloon he tricked his sister out of.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding a new place to live!

We knew our building was going to be getting a new pool for the first month we lived in the bldg, thought....we can live with a little renovation then enjoy a Brand new beautiful building right?  The noise is absolutely RIDICULOUS during business hours and the kids were just playing on the terrace when suddenly dirty construction water starts POURING onto their heads ~ WTF! (This was not just a bucket of water.  More like someone was draining the pool over the ledge onto our terrace.) Call hotel manager, a team of hotel staff come rushing up and say, "sorry, for the inconvenience, we will get to the source and make it stop." 

Ummm...gee, you sure as crap better!  They call me and let me know that the contractor forgot to take a precaution and cover a runoff hose which was draining onto my childrens heads.  Don't worry though, it wasn't any harmful chemicals, just water, may have been a little dirty.  Do you need us to send someone up to mop up the terrace? 

My response, "Yes, also, find me a different facility to take my children to live, while you perform your 'renovation' here and move all of my stuff over there!"

"ok, let me talk to sales and get back to you on availability in the next couple days."

"not acceptable! I expect that I will hear from you by the end of the day TODAY on a new property to live!"

f*#%(&# Asia and this stupid language barier!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Singapore Zoo

Our stillshot camera charger doesn't seem to fit into ANY electrical outlets or converters, so we have been without a camera for a few days since the battery died and I don't know where we put the spare battery.  Guess, I will be camera shopping soon to start getting some picts again.  For now, all we have is the Flip, so lotza videos from our day at the Singapore zoo!

What an incredible zoo!  The animals are not in little cages like the zoos I am used to seeing.  The Primates are mostly free-roaming, crawling around all over the place!







Thursday, March 3, 2011

New nanny :-D

Couldn't be more excited! Left the kids with their new nanny for the 1st time today and they did really well!  I was only gone for 3 hours, but still, they did well!  Rohzitah will come back next week starting 2-days a week, so I can start to work-out again and maybe get some big girl time to myself and get some things done.  She is from Singapore, friends with the nanny next door and has been nannying for expats for 10+years.  Her previous family, just moved back to the U.K. and wanted to bring her with them, along with her daughter, but her daughter wasn't up for the move.  Lucky for us!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily walk to say Good Morning to Makayla's turtle

After breakfast, Makayla wants to go for a walk along the river (more of a canal) behind our building to see the turtle we discovered a few days ago. Then, looks for the boat cruising along picking up trash from the water. Our new daily routine!

Still waiting for out airshipment to arrive with the double stroller! I blame Kevin's 100pounds of gummy bears to be holding it up at customs!  

We are finally getting into a good sleep pattern! 2-nights in a row of down by 8pm and up around 7am ~ so relieved!  We were invited to our first Birthday party this Saturday for our neighbor's daughter turning 2.  They are from Holland, I think, 2 little girls and a 2 1/2 month old little boy. Will be nice to finally know someone, the only downside is they are moving into a house soon, so they won't be next door much longer...bummer!


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