Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding a new place to live!

We knew our building was going to be getting a new pool for the first month we lived in the bldg, thought....we can live with a little renovation then enjoy a Brand new beautiful building right?  The noise is absolutely RIDICULOUS during business hours and the kids were just playing on the terrace when suddenly dirty construction water starts POURING onto their heads ~ WTF! (This was not just a bucket of water.  More like someone was draining the pool over the ledge onto our terrace.) Call hotel manager, a team of hotel staff come rushing up and say, "sorry, for the inconvenience, we will get to the source and make it stop." 

Ummm...gee, you sure as crap better!  They call me and let me know that the contractor forgot to take a precaution and cover a runoff hose which was draining onto my childrens heads.  Don't worry though, it wasn't any harmful chemicals, just water, may have been a little dirty.  Do you need us to send someone up to mop up the terrace? 

My response, "Yes, also, find me a different facility to take my children to live, while you perform your 'renovation' here and move all of my stuff over there!"

"ok, let me talk to sales and get back to you on availability in the next couple days."

"not acceptable! I expect that I will hear from you by the end of the day TODAY on a new property to live!"

f*#%(&# Asia and this stupid language barier!

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Unknown said...

Wow Amy! Way to be an advocate for your little pups! Kick some ass!


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