Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 Bintan, Indonesia

We had a fabulous Easter weekend in Bintan, Indonesia!  We took a 50 minute ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan Thursday morning.  A short shuttle to Ria Club Med and we were relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the South China Sea.  The water, very warm, but did leave an occasional tar ball on our legs.  Riley LOVED the beach and the waves of the ocean, while Makayla enjoyed playing in the sand and building sandcastles, but enjoys the pool more for swimming.  She is doing well swimming on her own with her floating muscle bands.  Riley just likes to jump in and sink to the bottom :-/

Plenty of activities to keep us busy, water activities, circus trapeze practice, live entertainment, arts and crafts, lizard and gecko watching, monkey spotting and an Easter elephant even made an appearance on Sunday!  Did I mention an open bar?  Way too much food to sample and experience ~ it was all amazing! No Turkey or ham though.  There was lamb on Easter Sunday, but mostly fish and seafood dishes with different curry varieties and rice.  Some sushi and the pasta was a hit for the kids. Desserts were amazing ~ did I mention an open bar and babysitting services? :-) 

Yes, the Easter bunny did find the kids and even left some of those plastic filled eggs hidden around our room ~ that silly bunny! 

Makayla and Riley's 1st time in ocean!!
 Makayla rescuing the snails during low-tide

Friday, April 15, 2011

Acclimatization is not working on our Minnesota blood

Meteorologists have it pretty easy here it is the same EVERY single day!  They might as well just say, "Hot and humid.  You better grab a seat by the pool early folks, because I have no idea when or if the storms will roll in.  Don't forget your deoderant and if you decide to take a stroll to lunch, be sure to have your umbrella in hand, whether it's for the rain or the scorching sun!"

It is currently 92F, 70% humidity, feels like 103F with the humidity...if this acclimatization thing really happens, it is far too gradual!  Oh wow ~ the UV warning went down to "very high" rather than "extreme" sun must be getting low :-)


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Chance of Rain:
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Chance of Rain:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lovin the hose

Riley the gardener.

Makayla wants to know when all her cousins are coming to see her in Singapore?

Thanks for the trucks Matt and Zac!  Can you come show Riley how to play with them too?

In action...


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