Thursday, May 26, 2011

A day in the Life of M and R

Scootin' around on their scooters...Riley is a little copycat and holds his left leg up just like Makayla when coasting.  Although, he hasn't quite discovered how to brake before crashing.

Both LOVE the water and the waterslide in the kiddie pool.  Makayla can go down on her own and find her feet at the bottom, but Riley, oohhhh Riley! Likes to sit at the top until you look away, then quick go down backwards and sit at the bottom of the pool, until someone finds him and pulls him out of the water.  Doesn't matter how long he waits, he comes up smiling, laughing and can't get to the top quick enough to do it again.

 Makayla fixing Riley's seat on his ride, so he can sit on it and not fall into the hole.  Such a mommy at 2 1/2 years old!

 "okay, now follow me willleeeee! You go this way, then that way, then like this, see? Can you do it Wileee?"

Riley and his tongue obsession...

They are both growing way too fast and at times think they are far more advanced than they are.  Then, there are the times like today, when there was a little boy a bit older than Riley, not walking yet...a little awkward when the parents saw Riley pull himself UP the slide, slide down on his own, jump on his scooter and rush away.  Yes, he is clever, but he is still our little baby!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

House Gecko

Unfamiliar with what we should keep in the house and what we should release to the great outdoors, Makayla and I released our friendly, cute little gecko the other evening.  He is now seen scurring around on the patio.  Sure, he would startle us occasionally while relaxing on the couch and suddenly this little blur would quickly run down the wall or curtain; but, I realize now, he is completely harmless and pretty cute compared to other creepies skimpering around!
The next evening, I caught a glimpse of another little "thing" crawling on the floor.  In hopes it was another gecko, I rushed it and quickly shreaked away!  The long tenacles, big ugly eyes, hard brown shell and nasty of the giant cockroach completely creeps me out! Makayla instantly knew we weren't dealing with another friendly little gecko and jumped up on the couch, as I ran for something big to capture and eliminate this creature.  It came down to a glass or a papertowel.  Either way I had to get way too close to this thing and didn't like the picture going through my head!  Decided on the papertowel, because with a glass, I would still have to see the ugly thing. 
Luckily, it was a full roll of papertowels, so I didn't have to feel the long tenacles creeping out to my hand!  Went back in the livingroom to locate the thing Makayla had been tracking for me while getting amunition, captured and quickly clogged the toilet with the mound of papertowels used. WONDERFUL! All I can picture is this giant thing calling all it's friends as it creeps out of the unflushable mound....and finally it flushed! THANK GOD!
So, the next day, I am told that it is good to keep a "house gecko" because it eats cockroach eggs and keeps the creepy crawlys away.  Dang it! Now, we have to try get that gecko back in the house from outside!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ham n cheese

The typical lunch for the kids with the nanny is Mac n cheese or a peanut butter sandwich.  I have always felt I am not prepared in having easy lunch food in the cupboards for her to work with, so she goes for the easy, everybody knows what this is and kids love it, choice.  So today, I was very proud that I actually had lunch meat and cheese to make a fresh, healthy sandwich for the kiddos.

I held out a package of ham and a package of cheese to her this morning, to show her she could make a ham n cheese sandwich for lunch while I was out.  She looked at it with complete disgust, until I realized that she is Malay Muslim and can not even touch pork.  Wow, did I feel like a complete idiot!  Going from - yah! I have something different for lunch, to my heart sinking for not thinking this through first.  Limited, back to peanut butter and jelly and happy kids it was.

I will have to come up with a different meat? or some kind of different options for lunch.  Just adding frozen veggies to the mac n cheese isn't going to cut-it much longer.  I really must learn how to use the local food around here, but I'm not much of a cook to begin with!  I have tried a couple cookbooks, but haven't found anything that the kids and I both really like.  Riley is a complete mess with rice, but loves it. So I try that option often with vegies, but he just picks through for "the good stuff" and throws the rest on the floor.  Makayla has started a new "I don't like it" to nearly everything.  Even pizza can, all of the sudden, only be cheese.  And working in a kitchen that has only a stove and microwave, that's right cookie lovers, no oven, it really gives me a good excuse to just go out! However, that doesn't help for lunch...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is absolutely beautiful! Everyone should have the opportunity to see this part of the world in their life. Rich history, AMAZING food, turquoise water, lush green mountains, friendly people...Beautiful! We didn't want to leave, but will definitely be back to adventure into another part of the country.  We stayed in the southwest Provence of Phuket, Thailand, on the Andaman Sea, part of the Indian Ocean. 

View from our corner suite at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa ~ Amazing Resort!

Makayla LOVES discovering baby animals and getting the chance to touch them and feed them. This adventure allowed her the chance to see up-close a baby tiger, baby elephant, monkeys, take a buffalo cart ride and feed more fish. We brought the kids to the live show Phuket FantaSea, which they both were captivated the entire 1.5 hours.

We tried DURIAN! A fruit that "tastes like heaven, smells like hell".

Thai farmers grow rubber trees and export the rubber after tapping the tree, adding it to water in a pan, flattening it and drying it into a rubber mat.  A very tedious process, but interesting!

We also ventured into the cashew nut factory where they separate the cashew from the nut, one by one by hand. Cashew Tom Yum and cashew honey/sesame were my favorites, while Kevin enjoyed the cashew wasabi of course!  Walked through the Wat Chalong Temple and visited a 100-year old Chinese mansion where Young Indiana Jones had been filmed and is still occupied by the original multi-generation family. 

The Temples and shrines were very interesting, including the Big Buddha!

Thai farmhouse:

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