Thursday, May 26, 2011

A day in the Life of M and R

Scootin' around on their scooters...Riley is a little copycat and holds his left leg up just like Makayla when coasting.  Although, he hasn't quite discovered how to brake before crashing.

Both LOVE the water and the waterslide in the kiddie pool.  Makayla can go down on her own and find her feet at the bottom, but Riley, oohhhh Riley! Likes to sit at the top until you look away, then quick go down backwards and sit at the bottom of the pool, until someone finds him and pulls him out of the water.  Doesn't matter how long he waits, he comes up smiling, laughing and can't get to the top quick enough to do it again.

 Makayla fixing Riley's seat on his ride, so he can sit on it and not fall into the hole.  Such a mommy at 2 1/2 years old!

 "okay, now follow me willleeeee! You go this way, then that way, then like this, see? Can you do it Wileee?"

Riley and his tongue obsession...

They are both growing way too fast and at times think they are far more advanced than they are.  Then, there are the times like today, when there was a little boy a bit older than Riley, not walking yet...a little awkward when the parents saw Riley pull himself UP the slide, slide down on his own, jump on his scooter and rush away.  Yes, he is clever, but he is still our little baby!

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