Monday, May 16, 2011

Ham n cheese

The typical lunch for the kids with the nanny is Mac n cheese or a peanut butter sandwich.  I have always felt I am not prepared in having easy lunch food in the cupboards for her to work with, so she goes for the easy, everybody knows what this is and kids love it, choice.  So today, I was very proud that I actually had lunch meat and cheese to make a fresh, healthy sandwich for the kiddos.

I held out a package of ham and a package of cheese to her this morning, to show her she could make a ham n cheese sandwich for lunch while I was out.  She looked at it with complete disgust, until I realized that she is Malay Muslim and can not even touch pork.  Wow, did I feel like a complete idiot!  Going from - yah! I have something different for lunch, to my heart sinking for not thinking this through first.  Limited, back to peanut butter and jelly and happy kids it was.

I will have to come up with a different meat? or some kind of different options for lunch.  Just adding frozen veggies to the mac n cheese isn't going to cut-it much longer.  I really must learn how to use the local food around here, but I'm not much of a cook to begin with!  I have tried a couple cookbooks, but haven't found anything that the kids and I both really like.  Riley is a complete mess with rice, but loves it. So I try that option often with vegies, but he just picks through for "the good stuff" and throws the rest on the floor.  Makayla has started a new "I don't like it" to nearly everything.  Even pizza can, all of the sudden, only be cheese.  And working in a kitchen that has only a stove and microwave, that's right cookie lovers, no oven, it really gives me a good excuse to just go out! However, that doesn't help for lunch...

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