Sunday, May 22, 2011

House Gecko

Unfamiliar with what we should keep in the house and what we should release to the great outdoors, Makayla and I released our friendly, cute little gecko the other evening.  He is now seen scurring around on the patio.  Sure, he would startle us occasionally while relaxing on the couch and suddenly this little blur would quickly run down the wall or curtain; but, I realize now, he is completely harmless and pretty cute compared to other creepies skimpering around!
The next evening, I caught a glimpse of another little "thing" crawling on the floor.  In hopes it was another gecko, I rushed it and quickly shreaked away!  The long tenacles, big ugly eyes, hard brown shell and nasty of the giant cockroach completely creeps me out! Makayla instantly knew we weren't dealing with another friendly little gecko and jumped up on the couch, as I ran for something big to capture and eliminate this creature.  It came down to a glass or a papertowel.  Either way I had to get way too close to this thing and didn't like the picture going through my head!  Decided on the papertowel, because with a glass, I would still have to see the ugly thing. 
Luckily, it was a full roll of papertowels, so I didn't have to feel the long tenacles creeping out to my hand!  Went back in the livingroom to locate the thing Makayla had been tracking for me while getting amunition, captured and quickly clogged the toilet with the mound of papertowels used. WONDERFUL! All I can picture is this giant thing calling all it's friends as it creeps out of the unflushable mound....and finally it flushed! THANK GOD!
So, the next day, I am told that it is good to keep a "house gecko" because it eats cockroach eggs and keeps the creepy crawlys away.  Dang it! Now, we have to try get that gecko back in the house from outside!

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