Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Makayla Feeds the Rhinoceros

The Singapore Zoo is incredible.  We have been a few times and every time we go, we find another part of the zoo we missed on the previous trips.  This particular trip, we walked the Outback trail. Kangaroos, koalas, all kinds of fun new animals for the kids to see and touch.  The cool thing about this zoo, or maybe the scary part, is that there really aren't any cages.  With an exception of the snakes and spiders!  The animals have small gates or some kind of trench to hold them in their areas and keep the people safe.  Their areas are quite large, compared to zoos I have seen in the past and they really let you get close to most of the animals.

This rhino experience was slimy and something I will never do again, but hey, I fed a rhino!  I didn't realize they don't have front teeth, just molars for their vegetarian diet.

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