Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waste of a day

I started hearing the phone ring through my dreams last night and couldn't quite place where it was coming from.  Then, it quit.  Awhile later, I vaguely hear it again.  Then, it quits.  Suddenly, I realize it is my telephone and begin cursing the rude, inconsiderate Minnesota relative, for not figuring the time difference correctly and waking me up.  I ignore it, until 7am this morning.  Turns out, it wasn't anyone I love.  Instead, the fraud department from Bank of America.  Apparently, there has been some "irregular activity" on the account.  SERIOUSLY?! You call me every hour through the entire night, because someone was trying to pay a bill.

Then, it turns to Kevin.  Since when do you pay our bills?  You wait until you are out of the country, then try to pay the mobile bill from Bangkok?  The result, several "declined" attempts, Bank of America calling me at home 4 times from midnight till 6am, card gets shut-down - all just frustrates him and I! In the end, I still have to pay the bill and go through several additional steps to get the card turned back on.  Please stick to what you do best - make the money, not spend it!

Wake the kids up to get Makayla to her 2nd orientation class for Preschool. Should be an exciting day!  After completing the entire 2 days of orientation, find out the school placed us in the wrong class and she will have to go back for orientation next week for the correct class...What is with the lack of communication around here!? How could we get through 2 entire orientation classes, before you realize this?!

Come home to service men ripping our air-con out and replacing it, which means the entire apartment is without air-con for the rest of the day.  It is currently 95 degrees and 75-80% humidity out. Looks like we will be spending the rest of the afternoon at the pool....or NOT...look outside and the sky is black and, just when I think the day is coming to end, I swear the clock reads 5:30pm - Time to make dinner.  Get the kids to sit down and eat, finish up and glance at the's only 4:00pm, dinner has been eaten, the service men now think I am crazy....maybe we should just go to bed early.

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