Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fort Canning Park

In my quest to get back into shape, we frequent this shaded park for casual walks and exploration.  Trying to make my exercising fun for the kids is challenging. There are many discoveries within the park ~ a spice trail, archaeological dig, huge fascinating trees, a pair of cannons, the Battle Box...

To avoid the stairs throughout the park, there are very steep paths to follow with the stroller, as long as the stroller has brakes!  Which mine does not. So, I end up walking backwards down the path, with the stroller riding on my back, to keep it from running away.  I don't know which is worse, going up, or going down ~ Gets the legs burning though!  It is worth it to stroll through this magnificent park, so close to home.

The Battle Box is an underground command post constructed for the British Military during WWII.  The story of the decision to surrender Singapore to Japan is now, reenacted, by life size figures in this 26-room center. We found the story intriguing; the kids just like to explore the underground corridors and touch the costumed figurines.

The Battle Box:

 View from the center on top of the hill:

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