Monday, July 25, 2011

Fort Siloso

The hidden Fort at the tip of Sentosa Island was an interesting adventure, dating back to the 1880’s!  From the monkeys digging in the garbage cans and chasing people’s feet, to the Advisory of Tree Snakes falling out of the trees, but don’t worry ~ they are only mildly venomous (what does that mean!?), to the bats skimming our heads in the tunnels – a warning may have been nice on this one….interesting adventure!  
To enter the fort, we took an old fashion tram up the hill.  The guide on the tram gave us a brief history lesson on this 19th Century British fortress, that now houses Asia’s largest collection of WWII memorabilia.  There are 3-zones to this fort, but after the 4th bat swooped Kev's head, we turned back in the longest underground tunnel complex within the fort, missing at least one entire zone.  I don't know what he was afraid of, it's not like the little flying creatures were trying to get tangled up in his hair :-)

Luckily, we didn’t see any snakes the signs warned of. They must have been hiding in the greenery just out of sight!  The monkeys and the bats were too close for comfort, but we will laugh about those bats for a long time.
Fort Siloso1
They have plenty of life-size figures recreating the story of the wartimes.  We have become more and more fascinated with history, as we discover that history, actually IS interesting!
Fort Siloso2

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