Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jurong Bird Park

We squeezed through this park on a late Saturday morning, dripping wet from the heat, by the time we made our way through the crowd and back to the carpark.  Not my ideal day to say the least.  Not because of the lack of tropical birds to be seen, but rather, the crowd.  It was packed full of pushy, rude foreigners.  Yes, I am one of those foreigners, but I don't like to think of myself as pushy, and only rude when I need to be :-) 

It was a day gone bad from the start.  Which, I suppose didn't help keep us in our weekend zen state-of-mind.  The ticket line was short.  There was only one man in front of me buying 2-tickets, yet it took me nearly 20-minutes to actually walk away with our tickets....Singapore.

From there, Riley had a meltdown immediately after walking through the gate.  Little Miss M, followed suite soon after, because she wasn't getting the attention she felt necessary, after her brother melted into his puddle.  Standing in front of the very first, or maybe, second exhibit, we were ready to head home.  Trying to collect ourselves, we headed for the restroom and grabbed a few hotdogs, which ended up all over my feet - ketchup and all; then, continued on.  By the time I could think again, the kids had fallen asleep in the stroller and all we could do is continue walking, so they didn't wake-up! 

The birds here are magnificent and we stumbled across the one and only waterfall we know of in Singapore.  They do a fabulous job keeping this area feeling natural and green.

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