Sunday, July 10, 2011

MacRitchie Treetop Walk

I asked Makayla what she wanted to do for her birthday, Waterpark or Exploring in the jungle?  Of course she wanted to go exploring, "just like Dora does!"  This hike was too long for the kids to walk it on their own and not stroller friendly, so we had to bring both backpack carriers.  It was quite a trek and HOT!  We spotted tons of monkeys, a few Monitor lizards, flying squirrels, butterflies and lots of different flora to check out.  The trail is rocky and hilly.  We started at the carpark off from Venus Road, hiked to the Ranger Tower, then on to the suspension bridge.  There is a bit of paved trail before the bridge, which seemed a bit odd, since it does feel quite remote.
After the suspension bridge, the trail takes you through an area that used to be swamp, so it is an elevated wood plank trail, what feels like thousands of stairs ~ up and down a few times.  Along the trail, there is an occasional Parks sign.  Makayla likes to look at these and think they are maps. At one point, she stopped alongside me to look at the "map" and I suddenly heard a thud below me.  Looked down and there was Makayla on her butt, about 4 feet down.  "Quick! Help me, before the Tiger's get me!!!" she screamed at me.  Ha ~ silly girl!
The monkeys are definitely aggressive here! At one point, Kevin was holding a bag of Cheese-its, looked up and one was sprinting straight toward him.  He quickly tucked the pouch into his shirt and it left him alone, but it found a dropped cracker an inch from our toes and snatched it up.  Continuing to lick the crumbs from the ground.
It was a nice hike, with the sounds of nature and the constant singing from M and R!  She really wanted more animals to come out for her to see, but just couldn't stop singing us down the trail.

 Monkey following us across the bridge:

 One-way foot-traffic ~ the bridge is not wide enough for two-way traffic:

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