Thursday, July 7, 2011


Makayla and Riley love to pick out a bouquet of flowers each from the grocery store, bring them home, cut and prepare them for a vase and show daddy when he comes home from work.  I've had a hard time explaining to Makayla that cut-flowers eventually, die.  They don't all die at the same time, but eventually, if they don't have roots, they do.
Riley tends to pick orchids from the store, which live quite a long time.  While, Makayla, is drawn to the roses.  The roses always die and dry up faster than the orchids and she has a hard time throwing them in the trash when they are ready. (On a side note, a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store is about S$2/each.)
So, earlier this week, when we disposed of the wilted, not-so-pretty-anymore flower arrangement on the table, she immediately wanted to replace them.  This time, I told her we would pick out an actual plant with flowers, so we can tend to it to keep it alive and flowering. We chose Singapore's national flower - the beautiful Orchid and off to the Orchid farm we went.

This farm was gigantic! An overwhelming amount of orchids to choose from.  Their website says they started as a pig farm, but in the 1980's the government phased pig-farming out and they went into the orchid business.  From the looks of the acres of plants, they know what they are doing in the orchid business - growing 2 million orchid plants, which produce more than 10 million orchid sprays a year! WOW ~ that's alot of orchids!

Of course, Riley finds one of many mud puddles to splash in:

We each chose a small orchid plant, found a pot that would work for us and had them replanted.  The orchids are very affordable here and there was no extra cost to replant them all!

Now, to keep them alive and flowering!

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