Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pasir Ris Park

We were drawn to this east-coast waterfront park, when I was informed of a huge children’s playground.  Well, we never stumbled across the playground, but found tons of other interesting things to see and do!  We walked into the park, where a wedding ceremony was taking place.  I didn’t feel right taking pictures, but one of the guests told us it was a “Royal Wedding” and wow did it look like it!  Traditional Muslim dresses, silk scarves, bride and groom sitting in their thrones with huge crowns decorating their heads, drums, music, camera crews, the list goes on!  It was an incredible event.
The park is a long narrow area on the water, but there has been no swimming since 2008.  The water has been rated unsuitable for water activities, as the water quality is affected by leakage from older sewers, moored vessels, animals and discharges from sewage treatment plants in the area.  Sad, because it is a nice area, but the ships and oil rigs within reach, don't exactly invite you into the water anyway.  Still, a nice sea breeze and relaxing park to take in.
A lot of fishing, tents set-up for weekend campers, cycling, walking, in-line skating, horseback riding, mangrove boardwalks, and a “natural maze” makes the adventure worthwhile.  The kids, as always, just love being outside and being able to run on their own and go in which ever direction they choose.

Little Miss M LOVED the horseback ride!  R was too little, according to the rules of being 2-years old or older, but they still let him sit on the horse and he didn’t want to get off.
Riley on horse
DSC00010Jellyfish Massive Jellyfish in the sea inlet created by the mangrove forest!
M and R on stairs 
Bike Rental and In-Line Skate rental from car park C!
A slight haze from the Sumatra fires.
No swimming allowed...
…But it’s okay to collect food/fish here?  I don’t get it!
Floating Fish Village

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