Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pulau Ubin by Bicycle

Pulau Ubin (Granite Island in Malay) was a fantastic day trip!  About a 5-minute Bumboat ride from Changi Village to the island, rented a couple of bikes with baby seats and set off to the smell of durian.  Passing a few rustic, traditional village homes, it is truly one of the last rural areas left in Singapore.  There are a couple camping areas here, but with the curious wildlife, I am not about to try it!

Riley absolutely loved the bike ride and squealed going fast downhill. Makayla on the other hand ~ didn't mind riding on the pavement, but if I rode too close to the edge, she would let me know right away!  She did not enjoy riding on the gravel.  Especially, picking up speed downhill on the gravel!  She prefers her own two-feet on the ground and in control of her own movements. 

Bumboats to the island:

 Bike rentals available on the island:

 Mangrove Boardwalk:

Mangrove roots:

Seaview Boardwalk at Chek Jawa:

Classic Singapore ocean view with the oil rigs:

These people will be disappointed, when they arrive back to their bikes, parched from the hike, to find the group of monkeys tipped their bike over and ate all their food left in the basket! 

The wild boar that must have smelled Riley's ham and cheese sandwich.  It huffed right up to him from the trees, I shooed it away with it's ears tucked down on its head.  She huffed over to the next victim, who shared an ice cube with it, before she returned to the rest of the sounder in the trees:

 This thing was huge! Whatever kind of dragon/lizard it is, it looks like it belongs in pre-historic times.  Water Monitor maybe?

Abandoned Granite Quarry from the 1960s:

Kelongs -  traditional fishing huts built with rattan, rather than nails to bind tree trunks and wooden planks together over the water. There aren't many of these left in Singapore, but are still found in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.  Not sure if this is one or not? Could just be a floating fishing village - you decide:

 Our dream house, not sure what it is doing on the island. Must have been something to do with the granite: 

 To complete the perfect day ~ a cold, fresh coconut to drink after returning the bikes!  A Milo for Makayla and 100 Plus for Kevin.  Riley steals some from all of us :-)

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