Friday, July 1, 2011

Southern Ridges Hike

I didn't really do enough research on this trek, before starting.  Now, I know to start at the TOP of the mountain (Mount Faber) and hike down, instead of up, with 90lbs of kids, stroller and snacks! Starting at Hort Park, we also missed the Canopy Walk.  It was probably a good thing, because the lady in the information station told me that one of the monkey families has 2 young babes, that are very curious, but the parents are very protective and will attack if too close!  Yikes - with 2 young, curious babes myself - I will stay away!

Alexander Arch Bridge

Forest Walk on metal suspension bridge:

Haha! Good thing I didn't flush!

Henderson Waves ~ Singapore's highest pedestrian bridge suspended at 36m above ground:

The Henderson Waves are suppose to be pretty cool at night, with lights illuminating in just the right places.  I can imagine it would be a lot cooler temperature wise, as well!  This is about a 9km trek, partially in the direct blast of the sun, but worth doing night!

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