Sunday, July 24, 2011

Underwater World–Sentosa

All the way to the end of Sentosa Island, we found the aquarium, or Underwater World of Singapore.  The highlight of this attraction – the moving walkway that brings you through a tunnel, with fish and sharks swimming around you.  The kids loved it. The first time through, they were fascinated by the colors and fish swimming overhead.  The second time through, they were fascinated by the moving walkway.  The last time through, they were just screaming at each other and everyone around us, while jumping on and off the walkway.
Fort Siloso
The other highlight of this attraction is the “dolphin show”.  I would’ve named it the Sea Lion show, because the only thing the pink dolphin’s did was swim around and one jumped through 1-hoop.  Good thing I had the camera ready!

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