Thursday, August 4, 2011

Completing our Vaccines

Where have we been for a week??? Everyday life has interrupted our adventures for a few days.  We have been at dance class, swimming, school and preparing for our upcoming travels.  We have all started our rounds of Rabies vaccines and Riley has become of age to complete his Hep A and B series.  Once we finish the 3-shot rabies series, I think, we will almost, be caught up to what is recommended for Southeast Asia long-term stay.  Although, I did opt-out of a couple that had potential side effects that I didn't want the kids to deal with.  Riley still hasn't reached the 2-year age requirement for the Typhoid vaccine, so we aren't completely clear yet. 

According to our doctor, the following list is what was recommended to us for living in Singapore for 2 years.

Highly Recommended for Singapore:
Hepatitis A and B, Poliomyelitis, Rubella, Tetanus/Diphtheria and Typhoid Fever

Recommended for some areas we will be traveling:
Meningitis, Rabies, Japanese B encephalitis, Influenza, Yellow Fever, Pneumococcal, Malaria

I decided, we had had enough worrying about all these monkeys, bats, dogs and cats.  Yes, we will still have to be cautious and teach the kids to stay away from the wild animals, but at least now, if we are in a place like Cambodia that may not have the anecdote readily available within a couple hours, we will have more time to get to a clinic with the appropriate medications. If, something were to happen...If...if...if... Rabies is not present in Singapore and if it were, the hospitals here have the medicines available, but not all countries are stocked with the needed medicines for after-bites.  

We skipped the Japanese B encephalitis and will be prepared to use bug spray containing DEET, as a precaution from the mosquitoes around any rice paddy fields, especially.  We also, will not be taking the Malaria pills.  I wasn't thrilled with the side effects of either of these.  At this time, we have no plans to travel anywhere Yellow Fever is a threat, so that one is out too. Hopefully, we are covered for some new and exciting adventures!

We have a few on the books! We are heading back to Minnesota for a couple weddings at the end of September.  Then, another wedding in Chicago.  We are thrilled and thankful, that my parents will be flying back to Singapore with the kids and I in November, and we will all be exploring Bangkok, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia and a few new Singapore sites, before, they head home. Then, for Christmas and New Year's we are heading south, to New Zealand!   That's what we have in the books so far! So excited for the next few months!

The only thing upsetting about this schedule, is that it is August already and the Minnesota State Fair starts in something like 20 days?  We will feel a little lost without getting our daily Pickle Dog, Martha's cookies and a Pronto Pup, but at least we will be able to watch the Live Stream on the internet, right?!

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