Friday, August 5, 2011

Indoor Play Gym

People have been raving about all of the Indoor Play Gym's throughout Singapore, since the very 1st day I arrived here.  I was taken to tour a couple of them, during our pre-move trip in December. Taken again, during the school-finding tour in March.  Every person I talk to mentions them and says how great they are for the kids. I could only nod my head and pretend that I agreed, while thinking how terrible they look to me, through the window.  I go outside and sweat 5 pounds off my dehydrated body, trying to entertain the kids in an outdoor park, instead - why?

Coming from a place that takes advantage of every minute the sun is shining outside and it's warm enough to enjoy, this is a playday for a very cold, January day.  I'm talking a day, that you can't go outside, because it is well below zero, with even a colder windchill ~ Really Cold!  Typically, the kids would come down with some sort of virus after touching every square inch of the germ-infested place. 

It seems they are used for the opposite here ~ to keep the kids out of the sun and heat.  It is so hot, that I sometimes have to talk myself into going outside and getting all sweaty and smelly.  But, it isn't dangerous for the kids to be outside in the heat, as long as they are drinking enough water.  Whereas, the cold, is at times, too dangerous to take them into. So, I would have no choice in that situation, but to use a place like this to get them out of the house.

Moving here and seeing how popular and expensive these 1-hour play gym's are, really had me curious.  But, not curious enough to pay the entrance fee and try it out, until today.  Five months after arriving in Singapore with the kids, we tried our very first indoor play gym and the kids absolutely LOVED it!

Conveniently located across the street, next to our everyday grocery store, we walk by this particular play gym several times a week.  We knew it was there, I just couldn't talk myself into joining. 

Today, was for the kids!

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