Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fidgets at Turf City

"Have you been to Fidgets yet? It's a wonderful indoor play gym with an attached Cafe for mum and monitors on the wall, so you can catch a peek at the kiddos playing, while you drink your tea! Brilliant!"

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this over the past 6 months! Still, getting over my phobia of the indoor play gym, we made plans to meet a friend there.  I have heard about so many different activities available at Turf City shopping center, I had a vision that it was just like every other shopping mall around Singapore, more specifically, Orchard.  Pulling up to Turf City was not at all what I had pictured!

This is an old structure that could use a lot of TLC!  Since it is the reformed Turf Club stables/Grand stand, I will say that they have done a fabulous job recreating this structure.  It must be better on the inside from all the hype I've heard of this place?

I find a parking space near the sign that says Entrance shopping this way walking us through the outside hawkers center and continue in, to a flea market looking space, surrounded by small stores.  I see nothing that tells me anything about Fidgets, the go-to play gym after Go-Go Bambini in Dempsey.  Start asking and nobody knows, or they don't understand me.  Finally, I interrupt 2 people working intensely on their computers at the door of a travel agent and the man points and says, "Other side".

Hmmmm....other side? There are no signs, half the stores are boarded up and the flea market is just getting going.  We walk, back and forth, back and forth, find the Giant superstore/grocery and ask again.  Nobody knows.  Finally, see some stairs that lead up to a door that goes out the back of the shopping center.  Proceed out and there is a canopy walk guiding us down to another area.  Plenty of cars in the park and a blond Caucasian child walking in with his helper. 

"Do you know where Fidgets is?"
"Yes, inside and go up escalator."

FINALLY! Wouldn't be a start to a new adventure if I didn't show up all sweaty and flustered!  Next time, we will drive all the way around the building to the backside, park and only have a few stairs to climb in the heat!

The gym itself was great! The kids loved it, it wasn't too busy, Makayla met several new friends to play with, we had lunch and a few hours later called it a playdate!

Now, to find the car again!

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