Friday, September 16, 2011

Riley's 1st Haircut @ Curly & Spike

LOVE this place!  They are fun, friendly, entertaining and the kids feel like they are the stars of the show from the moment you walk in the door!

I think Riley is a little traumatized from starting pre-school this week and getting left for the sharks, he wouldn't let go of me.  He sat on my lap, both wearing the cape, while Mickey Mouse played on the screen in front of us and he nearly fell asleep.  Drooling down the purple cape, our stylist kept handing me tissues to catch the puddles.

When he completed his new style, he proceeded to work the runway several times.  He really needs to work on his entrance up those stairs, but if they would just built a ramp for him to enter on, in place of those darn stairs, he would have it down!
Next up, the little princess.  She was feeling a little left out, so she was determined she was also going to get a little trim.  She does love the attention!

Just like daddy:

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