Friday, September 9, 2011

Sentosa Butterfly Park

Little Miss M has had a dream that one day, she will get a butterfly to land on her finger.  She is on lookout every outing she has in the outdoors for a beautiful butterfly fluttering around and when she spots one, she slowly approaches, finger drawn, quiet...quiet...shhhhh! and off it always goes.  She tries chasing it for a few feet, then puts her head down, "I will never catch a butterfly on my finger." Lip out and all.

So, this morning, was the dream she has been waiting for.  We heard about the butterfly park only yesterday and thought today, the perfect Friday to make her dream come true!  She was out of bed and dressed this morning, before I even knew she was awake, "c'mon mummy! We have to get Riley dressed, get to breakfast, then to see the butterflies!!"  Wow! Is that all it takes??  Butterflies to get her out the door in the morning.  She is typically, worse than me.  Not a morning person to say it politely.

"How are we going to get there mummy?" 
"I am going to drive."
"Oh, but how will we get there?"
"In the car, on the road..."
"But, how will you drive the car mummy?"  Ohhhh, our typical conversations upon any adventure.  People have always said the terrible two's.  I loved the 2's and think it is definitely the 3's that are trying!

The butterfly park is located on the island of Sentosa, which is the theme park island.  Universal Studios, resorts, cable cars, zipline, tons of attractions.  Crossing over the bridge, there is some kind of resort, might be part of Universal that has towers resembling a castle, "I KNEW you would find me another castle mommy! I just knew it! Look at the flags, can we go in?"

Ha! Well, of course I found that castle on purpose, but we are going to see the butterflies. And, butterflies we did see.  Tons of butterflies fluttering around from flower to flower. Some small, some huge, some super colorful and some dark and still beautiful.  Little Miss M ran around with her finger drawn, huge smile on her face chasing them all. 
Butterflies around the world.

She especially like the small to medium sized butterflies.  When a large one would get too close, she would run the other way.  I was so caught up watching how happy she was, I kind of neglected the little man for a moment.  A couple minutes went by and when I finally snapped to, I caught a glimpse of his black fingers holding onto a huge black and bright blue butterfly wing...OOooohhhh Riley! What have you done?!

The poor butterfly clung to a flower with only one wing left. I quickly tried to clean off his hand and hide the evidence, but felt bad for the poor insect more than anything.

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