Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple Orchard Picking

It's harvest time in Minnesota ~ apples are ready to be eaten and pumpkins ready for carving.  One of our favorite seasonal traditions is heading out to the apple orchard this time of the year for some fresh, handpicked apples.  Most have a variety of apples to choose from. 

This particular orchard marked the different varieties with different color ribbons on the trees, so we knew which color to look for and pick.  My favorite was the golden, green apples and we all ate our fair share before filling our bag and hopping back on the tractor and trailer to move on to the next red apple trees.

Riley was particularly fond of the tractors occasionally driving by and loved running through the rows of apple trees.  Makayla was very concerned that the pony's that we passed on our way to the apple trees were going to be gone by the time we finished and arrived back at the barn.  To her delight, they were still giving rides after we had picked our apples and ate some Dutch Apple Pie for sale in the barn.

Eat 'em and chuck 'em:


Apple hoarder:

 Cale carrying the apple bag:
Enjoying her pony ride:
 Tractor and trailer ride out to the picking trees:

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