Friday, October 7, 2011

Some R&R at the Cabin

Quiet, peaceful, fresh, relaxing are all words that come to mind when thinking about this destination.  I have been fortunate enough to have been invited back to my in-laws weekend get-away for 12-years and it has been tranquility, until the babies started arriving. 

This R&R was filled with "shows" given by Little Miss M herself and her little brother trying to keep up behind her.  What once was relaxing by the campfire with a cold beverage in hand, is now, "EVERYONE sit over here on the stage (deck) and watch!"  As she continues to dance around singing to her own beat, making up her own words.  Then, we would have to join in to any given song, until it was solo time again.

So much for the R&R.

It was still nice to listen to the animals wrestling in the forest and the trees blowing in the fall breeze.  A couple short walks down the trail and a pontoon boat ride that I should've had my dramamine for ~ all made for a fabulous couple days in Wisconsin.

Makayla and grandma baked a pie for daddy.  It was a peach pie, but daddy really likes mango, so Little Miss M insisted that it was actually mango pie for daddy.

Of course she didn't eat any, but had a great time serving the pie for breakfast the following morning.

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monty j said...

Ahh the cabin.....I will never forget all the good times I have had there in the past...drinking Tom's Vodka and filling it up with water so it did not look like we had it all...or smoking his cigars..stacking wood...late nights...hitting the deer with Cam...packing down the driveway..the list goes on and on.. I believe the first time I went was.....late 1997 or early 1998...whenever they got back from New Zealand....Cheers to a wonderful place that Tom and Judy have made so nice...thanks for the post!!


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