Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Bali

I actually forgot that it was Thanksgiving until my mom mentioned it that afternoon.  It's a USA holiday that had no mention on the Indonesian island of Bali. So, we went for a beautiful sunset and not so good seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach, in lieu of the traditional turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes and lefse. 

It was a little weird not celebrating the traditionally important day, but all that was really missing was our large family gathering at one of our parents homes (and maybe a little snow).  It was nice to have my parents with us though!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Luge @ Sentosa

We have been looking forward to riding this luge since our arrival and Riley is just barely tall enough to, finally, ride along.  His helmet gave him the extra little height to get through security and onto my lap, then down the concrete trail.

There were 2 trails to choose from, but we only rode the luge once down.  Able to park the stroller at the top, ride down the luge and take the skyride back to the top to fetch the pram. 

The skyride was high. Papa, Kevin and Riley were on the ride behind Grandma, Makayla and me...Makayla wanted to know who kept "freakin' out behind us?"  Yes, dear, that is Papa, just ignore him back there.  He'll be fine once his feet hit the ground again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deer Hunting in the Midwest

Deer hunting is an annual family tradition of mine.  I have been part of the annual hunt since I was born, but have never actually carried a gun and hunted the brown, furry animal.  For me, it is more of the social aspect and a chance to chatch up with all my relatives.  Starting the Friday night before opening morning and continuing for the next week, every day at dark, one of my generous relatives hosts a dinner for everyone.  

Lucky for me, I don't have to wake-up before the sun, bundle up in as many layers as possibly topped by blaze orange and trek through the swamp to sit in a wooden hut on stilts, waiting for the big buck. I do enjoy tasting the fresh backstraps of someone's hunt, but could never make the kill myself.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treating Minnesota

Giraffe, Ace Hardware Lawn Bag, Princess M, Muscle Man C

Carving pumkins, lighting them with a candle, planning the perfect costume that is warm enough to get the children through a cold, damp, fall evening ~ the Halloween tradition continues for us, but there doesn't seem to be as many children going door to door as I remember as a kid. 

The streets are dark, but there are still lots of homes participating in this tradition. As a child, I didn't get the safety factor of wearing the glow sticks and flashlights ~ it was just fun!  These days, as a mother, I am sure to have at least some kind of light-up or glowing object on each child running through the dark neighborhoods, collecting their bucket-full of bite-sized candy.

This year we even hit a senior center with a room full of grandma and grandpa's that were thrilled to see the bright little faces all dressed up.

Little Miss M still hasn't taken her tiara off

Riley was busy trying to figure out what all these animals and crazy people were doing out walking the streets. He was more concerned with what we had already passed, looking behind us, rather than finding the next house with a light on for treats.

Taking a break for treats.


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