Monday, November 21, 2011

Luge @ Sentosa

We have been looking forward to riding this luge since our arrival and Riley is just barely tall enough to, finally, ride along.  His helmet gave him the extra little height to get through security and onto my lap, then down the concrete trail.

There were 2 trails to choose from, but we only rode the luge once down.  Able to park the stroller at the top, ride down the luge and take the skyride back to the top to fetch the pram. 

The skyride was high. Papa, Kevin and Riley were on the ride behind Grandma, Makayla and me...Makayla wanted to know who kept "freakin' out behind us?"  Yes, dear, that is Papa, just ignore him back there.  He'll be fine once his feet hit the ground again.

1 comment:

monty j said...

F-ing awesome!!! I want to hit the luge up if we ever get there to visit you guys...Loved the pics..


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