Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Lights on Orchard

Prior to our move to Singapore, people we talked to that had previously lived on the Little Red Dot would always say the same thing, "Oh, the Christmas lights on Orchard are amazing!"

Last year, we had our pre-move trip in December and were awwwed by the amount of lights and how they were displayed.  This year, I was looking forward to the time they were finally switched on again.  The massive, brightly displayed trees and ornaments hanging over the road and up the tall buildings are worth a look.

Every time I go out, there are more and more trees and lights going up around me.  This morning, I went downstairs and they were decorating the massive evergreen tree in both of our lobbies.  You can not find a real evergreen in Singapore, so they had them shipped in from overseas, jut to capture the scent so familiar with my traditional Christmas'.  The smell of evergreen...Love!

Elephant Benefit sculpture for Save the Asian Elephants along Orchard

Lights under The Flyer

Orchard Road

Istana Park along Orchard

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