Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Party for Residence

Merry Christmas!

Once a month the management staff at our Serviced Apartment throws a Residence gathering with free-flow tiger, wine and sometimes other fun drinks along with a buffet of food.  This month they made it into our Christmas celebration and invited a fabulous choir to sing some carols.  Made me a feel a little homesick, but still found the Christmas songs entertaining when they changed a few versus, "we know there won't be any snow, but we can still dream..." worked into the Winter Wonderland carols.

Santa Claus was suppose to stop by for a quick hello, but we do live in Singapore and rain was inevitable, so his sleigh couldn't get through the downpour.  If it had been snow, there wouldn't have been a problem....just sayin'.

It's starting to feel alot like Christmas! My favorite time of the year.

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