Sunday, December 11, 2011

Home is where Daddy is

Makayla said she was ready to go home.  I asked her, "what exactly do you mean...home? Which home would you like to go to?"

Her reply, "where daddy is!"  Meaning, Singapore.

After 6 weeks of being away from him and 9 months of being away from "our big house where the other people live",  she has come up with the understanding that home is not where all of her toys, books, clothes and bed may lie, but rather where our family of 4 is together under one roof.

Sure, we all enjoyed our extended holiday back to the U.S. to stay with several relatives and friends over the course of 8 weeks.  We even had a chance to spend some time at our house, that we are renting out, and had the opportunity to catch up with some of our old neighbors and pet friends. 

I thought at first that it would confusing for the kids, bringing them to their old house, where TT lived with us and we were only a short drive from all of our grandparents and, at the time, cousins.  But, she wandered around the house with the furniture still intact and eventually, found her way to her old bedroom. 

I think this was the moment she actually  realised that this was our old house.  Then, made her way into Riley's old room, "what happened to Riley's crib?!"

It has been confusing trying to figure out where home actually is for all of us.  I once thought  that it was the place that all of my belongings were stationed ~ our home base.  Currently, we don't have that home base available to go to, having rented our house in the U.S. furnished.  We have more "possessions" in storage, some scattered throughout our parent's homes and a few things here, with us, in Singapore.

Yet, when Little Miss M told me she wanted to go home, I knew exactly what she meant.  We were only 2 airplane rides and 2 taxi fares away ~ about 10,000 miles and we were there.  Hugging daddy with a great big smile.

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