Monday, January 16, 2012

Asian Elephant Parade Singapore 2011

The Elephant Parade of 162-life sized baby elephants crafted individually have just been auctioned off.  The elephants have been on display throughout Singapore for a couple months, gaining attention. Then, last week, they were all moved to one location at the Botanic Gardens to be auctioned by Sotheby's.  Proceeds go to Saving the Asian Elephants.

It was a little stressful walking through this display with the kids. I went in thinking it would be one long path, lined with the elephants. I should know by now, to never set expectations and never set a picture in my mind of how something should be.

The tent with the "purchase for the cause", shelf-size elephants displayed from the ground up, was right in the middle of the platform. So, the kids had free-reign....should've left immediately...but, I didn't. Mostly, because I didn't really know the actual price on the beautiful, but small figurines.

When Riley carried one of these very fragile $550 elephants to me, just to show me how lovely it was, I choked, held my breath and quickly snatched it up. As all the bystanders are nervously smiling at me, replaced it on the shelf and buckled the screaming almost 2-year old into the single stroller, as he is still grabbing at the very lovely, but still several hundred dollar elephants within reach.

Hmmmm...well, now that everyone already knows I am here with toddlers, I should maybe try to find something to purchase for the cause. Turn to the left, ART KIT ~ Perfect! Little Miss M loves to paint and it's under $100!

Over the last 100 years, the number of Asian elephants has decreased with 90%. Today, there are ca. 35,000 Asian elephants left throughout Asia. Almost 150,000 Asian elephants died in the last 25 years. In Thailand there are just 4,000 elephants left, of which only 1,500 live in the wild. If we don’t take action now, the Asian elephant will become extinct in a couple of decades. Joining hands with The Asian Elephant Foundation guarantees that monies generated from Elephant Parade and destined for the Asian elephant are used adequately. (From The Asian Elephant; Elephant Parade website)

 Durian Elephant

 Henna Elephant

Here is a link to a list and picture of each elephant individually:

We couldn't afford a painted elephant (the shelf size replicas started around $59 for the 10cm or about 3.5 inch elephant), but did opt to donate by purchasing The ART KIT ELEPHANT, so Little Miss M could craft her own.

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