Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day in New Zealand Countryside

Riley's new Rocket launcher

My first Christmas away from our immediate family in the U.S. and wow was it relaxing!  Our host family made this holiday away, so incredible and memorable.  Tempting us from taking a trip every holiday, just to escape the stress.  We love our families, but we always end up feeling guilty we did something wrong or didn't spend enough/equal time with everyone.  Yet, still feel like we didn't spend enough time with any one family, before the holiday season ends. It truly is impossible to balance everyone's time, every single year. 

This year, was the first year we didn't have that feeling.

Maybe it was the distance, maybe we have grown to not be so paranoid? Whatever it was, we truly enjoyed being with our friends in New Zealand to celebrate this Christmas and New Year's.  Thank you B Family for making us feel so included!

Christmas Day celebration was nearly identical to my traditional day: eat, drink, open secret santa gifts, chat and be merry!  The only difference was that we didn't have to bundle up in layers to go outside and the dinner table was outside under the sun, instead of set up in front of the roaring fireplace.  There was no snowmobiling, sledding, ice skating or ice fishing this year, but there was worry that everyone had a hat or sunscreen on.

 Christmas table setting

How did Santa know we were here???

 Riley taking it all in.

I couldn't believe where we were everytime I had a second to consider it. I had heard about this place called New Zealand for the last 13 years, always saying that it is Kev's "other life". One that I had never known, but sounded absolutely amazing. The kids have no idea how lucky they are to have seen so much of the world in their short lives.
New Zealand sheep

The cool air was so fresh, I felt like maybe I could've attempted a marathon in it. Well, at least it would be my best chance of considering it without kealing over dead :-)  

More presents for us? We must be the luckiest little kids around.

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