Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Rings Beach 

The weather didn't quite cooperate with us this trip.  It was a bummer, we were so looking forward to spending time on the boat and beach hopping.  We were still able to see quite a bit of the area and a few beaches accessible by car.  Some of the beaches in the area are only accessible by water or by hiking in a couple miles by foot, through the hilly terrain.  It rained for 3 straight days and mudslides were starting.  So, with the kids it was not an option.

I can only imagine the secluded areas are absolutely breathtaking, as the beaches we were able to drive to were the most prestine beaches I have ever seen.  The water was much too cold for my blood, but the boys went in.

Kauri Trees

Rings Beach Sand Dunes

 Cooks Beach

 Pohutukawa Blossoms

Old Stone Wharf: built in 1837, possibly the oldest wharf built of hewn stone in Australasia.

New Zealand Silver Fern

Little Miss M didn't do real well on the narrow, cliffside roads through the mountains, but what an experience! Single lane bridges, u-turn roads winding through the mountainside, ice cold water falling from the hillside, with an occasional area to pull over to take in the magnificent view. I wish our stomachs were stronger, as to not worry about having a plastic bag in hand at all times!

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