Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lion Dance CNY 2012

Lion Dance CNY 2012 a video by 40littletoes on Flickr.

The lion dance is often mistakenly referred to as dragon dance.   An easy way to tell the difference is that a lion is operated by two people, while a dragon needs many people. Also, in a lion dance, the performers' faces are covered, since they are inside the lion. In a dragon dance, the performers can be seen since the dragon is held upon poles. Basic lion dance fundamental movements can be found in most Chinese martial arts. (Wikipedia).

In the Lion dance performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume. 


Amanda Silver said...

I was expecting for a dragon... but the lion dances very well :)

40 Little Toes said...

The lion dance is incredible! I have posted the dragon dance as well on the Chinese Lunar New Year 2012 post. It is also in the flickr album ~ enjoy!


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