Friday, February 24, 2012

One blur of a Year Later

It is really hard to believe that it has been 1 full year, since we left the tundra in Minnesota for the tropical little Red Dot on the map.  The kids had no idea what they were in for.  Then again, neither did we. 
"Where are we going mommy?"

The blizzard we left behind.

Half of our (okay mine and the kid's) 2-year vacation is now a memory.  We have several picture books put together to flip through and remember, in awe, that we actually did that, saw that, met that person,  touched a point of history with our own has all been so surreal.  We will look back on these memories and pictures in years to come, with a new perspective of the big world out there.  We are really enjoying our life abroad.

There are moments that all I want, is to be back in our house in Minne, sitting on the couch, relaxing in the comfort of knowing.  Knowing where to go for certain food; knowing how to get places, feeling comfortable driving there, on the right side of the road; knowing I will find a show with some real drama to watch on television on any given night of the week; knowing how things work; knowing where I will be in a year later; knowing most of our family and friends are just a short drive away.

Then, an email pops into my inbox showing the kid's elite status from the airlines and think, wow! There aren't a whole lot of toddlers out there that can say they have a passport, with 7 stamps from various countries in it. 

Riley has lived half of his life in Asia! Didn't see that coming. 

Every single day of the last year has been an adventure.  Whether we leave our apartment building or not, we meet someone from a different part of the world.  A different accent, different language, different experiences, similar goals: get settled in to this new life and learn as much as possible from the opportunity ~ it won't last forever.

We have learned so much about ourselves, our way of life, the comforts we can't live without (aircon, Welch's fruit snacks, good microwave popcorn, wifi, Haribo gummy bears) and have grown independently, as well as a family.  Figuring it all out together, because there is nobody else that completely understands the situation.

February 24, 2012 ~ one year later

There is so much more to see and experience in the next year, it is going to be hard to fit it all in.  I can see our remaining year dwindling as quickly as the previous.  Time...never enough time...very excited for the adventures planned in the coming months though. 


Sine said...

Hi - just saw you joined my blog and am now checking out yours. I love it! Makes me reminisce about our days in Singapore with two little kids. I wish I had had a blog back then, but it was in the dark ages of the internet, in 1998, when blogs were still (almost) a thing of the future. Hope you continue to enjoy Singapore and keep up the great blog!

PS: I love the quote at the bottom of your about me page - who is that by? And if it's by you, my hat off!

40 Little Toes said...

Thanks Sine! The quote is a compilation of several different quotes that stick in my head, but do not remember the source of each.


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