Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Robertson Walk outside Singapore Repertory Theatre

Woke up to blueberry pancakes Saturday morning!  Made with love by our little 3-year old and her dad, who is finally back with us after a long month of traveling.  After filling our tummies, we headed out for the much anticipated Three Little Pigs show at the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

The kids have been waiting for months for this show and finally, there they were.  Three little pigs, that actually weren't so little and not exactly what they were expecting, but after a confusing look on their faces, they fell into the story.

Laughter filling the audience of children, until the Big Bad wolf appeared.  We all know the story and know how it ends, but something about the big scary wolf on the roof of the pigs brick house brought out several cries and shrills from the kids watching.

From behind us, I heard in a little frightened voice, "The wolf is going to eat me mommy!" Poor little guy.

Blueberry pancake breakfast made with love by Little Miss M and her dad.

Babycinnos for Mommy's birthday on Monday

From there, we headed to Sentosa to meet some friends for lunch on the beach.  Then, out for an adults only Mexican dinner and margaritas at Cafe Iguanas, with a few other fabulous couples.  Of course, what is a birthday weekend without getting a massage (that actually worked out for me and I didn't come out with any bruises).
Three Little Pigs play

Can't say the same for birthday pedi that has already smudged, but Monday night seafood dinner with just the 4 of us was perfect at the Greenwood Fish Bistro.  Riley and Makayla spilling their Lobster Bisque throughout the restaurant and our traveling business man frustrated that there is no chicken available to add to his Greek Salad (had to go with tuna steak, which did not excite him) ~ Thank you for putting up with seafood for one night in my honor. My New Zealand green lipped mussels, Scallops and Red Snapper were all delicious.

It's my birthday ~ Another year wiser.

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