Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter on Bintan, Indonesia

This was our second year to spend a relaxing, sun-filled Easter weekend at the beach in Bintan, Indonesia.  I would really love to say this is a new tradition, but I highly doubt that we will ever spend another Easter at Club Med Bintan.  Our 2-year stint here, in Singapore, is scheduled to be finished at the end of the year.  Leaving next Easter TBD.

This year, we were lucky enough to have family visiting from America. What better place to spend the weekend then at the beach? With 3 teenage boys, an all-inclusive resort was a must. Along, with the Petite Club for the toddlers, all the water sports, kayaks, catamarans, snorkeling and golf to name a few of the activities avail, Club Med was a great choice.

Getting there is easy enough ~ Once we realized the sign posted is the current ferry boarding, our 50-minute ferry ride to the small Indonesian island was fast and effortless.  :-0  I am not a fan of the boarding process at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, but we did manage to push our way onto the ferry and get 9 seats together - with no injuries.  Off to a good start!

Brody, Zac, Matt and Kevin

After enjoying the buffet lunch, the boys teed off at the Ria Bintan Golf course, while Tam and I made spa appointments.  I'm not sure what happened, but they lost a few balls in the water.  We will blame it on the long Minnesota winter, cutting off access to golf courses, instead of the difficulty of one of the Best rated courses in Asia.

It was wonderful to have the choice of dropping Riley in at the Petite Club for nap time this year!  Last year, he wasn't old enough to use the club, so we took full advantage of it this year.  He had a good, undisturbed nap, while we enjoyed a couple drinks...okay a few, on the beach ~ Perfection!

The kids club put together a parade for Easter Sunday, complete with a local Marching Band.  The elephant and live baby bunnies were also a hit for all.

Marching band parade (video)

Easter Elephant rides.

Our morning visitor on our balcony.  Of course, Kevin threw it a banana and attracted 10 more.

Tammy and M were chased off their balcony too.

And of course, the Easter Bunny found us!  I was a little confused as to how the bunny made it to the island, but Little Miss M told me that the bunny took a "really, really fast ferry boat!"  Ha! Who knew?
The bunny hid eggs with candy in them!  I can't believe it!

Loads of beach play!
Dave can't believe how much energy these little people have at all hours. :-)

Zac and Matt digging themselves a hole.


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