Thursday, April 5, 2012

Forest Adventures and Ziplining

Zip line across the Bedok Reservoir ~ 1 of 4 zips on the course.

I have been eying this challenge for several months, waiting for the right team to conquer it with.  Finally, the team arrived from the States and we helped each other buckle into the harnesses and balance the rope ladder into the trees. This treetop rope course was challenging mentally and physically for us all.  By the end, I was exhausted.  Two days later, the sore muscles had a chance to let me know they hadn't been exercised for far too long.

Relatives in town from Minnesota getting into their safety gear.

Starting off big on the Expert course, proved to be more challenging then expected.

I have never been afraid of heights, but once I climbed up the rope ladder and clipped into the safety ties, I was a little nervous looking down.  I knew I couldn't actually fall, because I was clipped in at all times, but the small walkways and sagging ropes we had to balance across gave me an entertaining false sense of danger.

Zac mastering the ropes.

We all had some good laughs getting beat up by the sandpit landing at the end of the zip lines and getting thrown into the Tarzan ropes.  Lets just say I'm not as graceful as an eagle landing out of the blue sky :-) 

Matt taking the Expert Challenge to finish his adventure off with the Tarzan Swing.

The Team

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