Monday, April 30, 2012

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Maya Bay ~ The Beach

We were really hopeful that the rain clouds would break upon our arrival to the Marina, where we were about to board our speedboat for a full day of water activities.  To our luck, the sun broke through as we departed the van and continued to board our one-hour speedboat to the Phi Phi Islands.  The islands are located between the large island of Phuket and the western Andaman Sea coast of the mainland.

I had seen so many pictures trying to capture the magnificent limestone rocks and mountains emerging from the turquoise waters, but could never have imagined just, how, absolutely brilliant the colors actually are.  Looking around, it felt like I was in a postcard.  Part of a scene that was painted around me, with the sea salt breeze trying to cool the hot, humid air.

Yes, okay...the Phi Phi islands are full of tourists alike, just trying to get the perfect picture.  Speedboats line the shores bringing people around to all the different beaches, but with all the tourists, typically come the tourist trap of little huts selling t-shirts and other souvenir's - I did not see the merchants here at all.  Making the beach feel less like a tourist trap and more like an actual beach.  No begging shoeless children or hawkers trying to sell some little trinket that breaks before walking away.

Just the beach and one small Snack Shop.  Keeping the area pristine and as natural as it can be.

Maya Bay

Relaxing at Maya Bay.

Swimming in the Pi Leh Cove

Colorful fish while snorkeling.

Monkey beach ~ please keep the children in the boat.

Kevin and Riley snorkeling and feeding the colorful fish with bread.

Megan and Makayla snorkeling

Wanting to feed some more fish, but they aren't coming. :-(

Wanting nothing more than to play in the sand with his shovel and bucket ~ the simple things in life.

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