Thursday, May 10, 2012

Majestic Angkor Wat

Riley exploring the temple.

 We purchased a three-day pass for entering the temples throughout the area of Siem Reap.  After the second day, it was too hot to continue for the third.  We easily, could have spent several additional days wandering around the grounds and all the temples, trying to take it all in, if the sun would've just taken a little break.  The beauty, the detail, the grand, majestic presence of power...all so intriguing.

The random monk strolling through smiling, enjoying life, while a group of children cool down in the small lake nearby.  Another child trying to sell some postcards in front of a group of Landmine amputees playing some peaceful music, as we try to make our way back to our covered tuk-tuk holding our cold water.   Incredible place lost in time.

Another temple

Little Miss M loves to explore!

Temple that Tomb Raider was filmed - Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm Temple

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