Friday, July 20, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

Cloud Forest

We were invited to check out the new and quite impressive Gardens by the Bay yesterday.  To my surprise, they are still building it.  This construction seems to be never ending.  The kids area has only just started, so it will be awhile before the toddlers have any interest in the gardens.

The Supertrees that make up the brochure cover are really unique to see and two of the biosphere domes are completed to view as well.  It is all quite impressive and definitely worth the experience.  Since it is indoors and pleasantly cool, it is a great activity for a really hot day or a rainy day.

The Supertrees give a nightly sound and light show that would also be fun to go back for.

Cloud Forest

A view of the bay from Cloud Forest

The Supertrees from the Cloud Forest.

Cloud Forest

Inside the Flower Dome.  Kids were over the flowers before we walked in the door. Thank goodness for portable technology to keep them entertained!

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